iPhone X Face ID Doesn't Work During Presentation

TempDuring Apple's big presentation to unveil and show features of the iPhone X, the Face ID program didn't work.

The presenter, Craig Federighi, SVP Software Development, reacted briefly when the passcode screen came up. Then he said, "Let's try that again." He picked up another device, and the feature worked.

What happened? Verge reports that it probably wasn't a problem Face ID. Rather, the passcode screen came up as a precaution just as it would on earlier versions when you restart your phone or when you haven't used it for a few hours.

Still, it was tough moment for Federighi.

Things often go wrong during presentations but, as is the case for more serious company crises, how the situation is handled is sometimes remembered more than initial issue.

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  • How well did Federighi handle the situation? What, if anything, could he have done differently?
  • Apple has been quiet on the issue. Should the company explain what happened? If so, in what form, and what should they say?
  • In this small moment, do we see authenticity from Federighi? What does he tell us about who he is as a person?