News Conference about Deaths at Florida Nursing Home

TempEight people died in a nursing home from heat after Hurricane Irma. Local police, the medical director of a nearby hospital, and the city mayor held a news conference to describe the situation. Although the video references six people, two additional have died for a total of eight at Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills. No one was present from the facility.

Florida Governor Rick Scott called the situation "unfathomable" and "inexcusable." The facility didn't lose power, but the air conditioning wasn't working. It's not clear why people weren't transferred to another facility, for example, the hospital across the street. Patients died of heart attacks, dehydration, and other issues related to the extreme heat.

Critics say that some business in Florida, such as gas stations, are required to have backup generators, but this is not the case for nursing homes. A criminal investigation has begun. The owner of the facility has a criminal past involving kickbacks; the case was settled for $15.4 million

At this point, the facility has been evacuated, and people are being accommodated at other locations.

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  • Who should be held accountable in this situation?
  • Assess the three statements in the news conference. How appropriate was each to the person's role?
  • We're obviously missing someone from the rehabilitation facility. Would representation help or hurt their case?
  • For the questions we hear in English, how well does the police chief respond? What strategies does he use to deflect questions he can't or won't answer?