Ikea's Diversity Ad

TempIkea Canada is making a statement with a video set to "What a Wonderful World."

The spot starts with the song lyrics, "Seems to me, it's ain't the world that's so bad, but what we are doing to it." Then, a little girl looks out the window of a car as she narrates from the song what she sees-and we see images of different people. First up are two teenage girls exchanging corsages. Next, we see someone putting up solar panels, and then laundry drying outside.

An editor for Creativity-Online analyzes the approach. As the "Editor's Pick" states, Ikea is putting its mark on what the company deems important.

But in such a divisive political time, the ad is risky. Not everyone has the positive feelings Ikea is promoting when they see refugees or a woman breastfeeding.


  • What do you think Ikea considered before producing this video? The company took some calculated risks.
  • What's your view of the ad? Do you find it heartwarming, offensive, cheesy, or something else?