Brother's Response to My Complaint

TempOn my Brother printer, the "Toner Low" light came on, and I shook the toner, which always gives me several more pages of good quality printing. But at some point, the printer wouldn't print anymore. To my eye, the pages still looked good. I was printing pages of my new book to proofread and didn't notice a difference for my purpose.

I emailed Brother to see if I could override the function and get more out of my cartridge. (Replacements cost about $50.) I saw several YouTube videos with instructions, so clearly I'm not the only one who has this idea. But I couldn't find my model. I asked Brother for help, and this is the response I received: download Brother printer response.

I appreciate that the purpose is up front in the email and that my question is answered. But the email is so long and not very well organized. Also, the writer spends a lot of time defending why the printers are set up to stop. Of course, quality is important, but shouldn't I get to decide what is "good enough" for my print jobs? My HP printers keep going until they're grey and streaked.


  • What's your view of the function to stop printing? Am I just cheap, or should Brother avoid the shutoff?
  • What are the communication objectives for Bother's response? What is important for a customer in this situation?
  • How could the writer have organized the email differently?
  • How clear are the instructions?
  • What else would improve the message?