Corona and Other Brands Capitalize on Eclipse

With the total eclipse coming Monday afternoon and glasses hard to come by, Corona is offering a solution. In a 35-second video, the company instructs us how to make a viewer from a beer box. TempApparently, solar corona is the beer's namesake, so the connection isn't entirely random. Ad agency Cramer-Krasselt created the campaign.

NASA Goddard posted a video to show how to make a viewer out of a cereal box, and a generic box is used as an example. But other companies have been using the eclipse to promote their brands.

A CNBC article identifies "17 clever ways brands are cashing in on the eclipse." Volvo, for example, designed a custom moon roof for viewing the eclipse from the road, but reports warn about traffic and accidents if people aren't careful while driving. Other companies are selling drinks, mattresses, train rides, houses, and a variety of food: half-moon cookies, donuts, pizza, and more.


  • What are potential downsides of a brand associating with the eclipse and using the event to promote products?
  • What is the most outrageous promotion you have seen related to the eclipse?