Archbishop Calls for Pope's Resignation

As more allegations of sexual abuse within the Catholic church become known, the most senior levels of the organization are facing new challenges. Last week, Pope Francis wrote a letter chastising abusers and calling on the Church to do better. Today, a former senior Vatican, who was an ambassador to the U.S., accused the pope of knowing about and covering up abuse cases since 2013. He is calling on the pope to resign.

The situation involves Archbishop McCarrick, who resigned as cardinal in July. McCarrick is accused of sexually abusing seminarians, and the Pope is accused of "rehabilitating" him rather than disciplining him and removing him from his position. 

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò explains his reasoning in documented "testimony," including this segment:


Image source of Pope Francis and Archbishop McCarrick.


  • Should the pope resign? Why or why not? How does this situation compare to corporate examples? Consider the hierarchy and relationships.
  • In what ways is this situation a matter of integrity?
  • Viganò uses the word parrhesia. What does this mean, and how does this relate to business communication?
  • Which other leadership character dimensions are illustrated by this situation?