Call for Gymnastics Board to Resign


As female athletes are recognized in a full-page newspaper ad for their courage in telling their stories of abuse, the U.S. Olympics CEO is calling for the entire USA Gymnastics board to resign by Wednesday.

In an open letter to Team USA Athletes, CEO Scott Blackman apologized and identified four next steps:

1. We Must Change the Culture of the Sport.
2. We Must Change the Governance Structure of the NGB.
3. We Must Know Who Knew What and When.
4. We Must Support Safe Sport Victims and Survivors.

Three members of the board already resigned, but critics say that is not enough. Blackman doesn't accuse any board members of knowing about abuse, but he says the culture must change and this is the best way to achieve that change.


  • What is the value of asking for the entire board's resignation? What, perhaps, are the limitations?
  • What should the board do?
  • How else can Blackman and the rest of the Olympics Committee make athletes feel safe again?