"Reply All" Trouble

We can take a lesson from Time Inc.: check before hitting "Reply All." At the largest magazine publishing company in the United States, an employee asked a benefits question that went to thousands of employees. A photo editor inquired about the heath savings plan: 

Time reply all

The funny thing is, after reading more, we learn that this is an IT issue, which sent a response email back to the listserv (the entire company). Maybe some of the criticism was unfair. Still, we should check to see where our email goes before sending it. A listserv in the "To" line could be dangerous.. 

Of course, Time employees made the situation far worse by replying back to everyone with snarky comments: 

Time reply all 2

This brings us to the second lesson: if you get an email like this by mistake, just delete it. 

Discussion Starters: 

  • Have you experienced something similar at work or school? How did you or the company handle the situation? 
  • What other advice would you offer people before they "hit send"?