Pom Wonderful Steals the Show

Pom Wonderful did a great job responding to criticism from HBO talk show host John Oliver. According to an Adweek article, Oliver had "dismissed Pom Wonderful as snake oil and suggested putting stickers on Pom's juice bottles saying it contains dogs." This was after showing a clip from a TV show, on which Pom was promised to reduce the possibility of prostate cancer.

Pom responded by sending Oliver a refrigerator, a case of the juice, and a clever letter, which he read on air.

Discussion Starters:

  • What's your view of Pom's response? In what ways was it effective, or not?
  • The Adweek article referred to Pom's "strangely stilted letter ('We like to think we're able to take a joke. It was very funny. We laughed hard')." Do you agree with this assessment?