LEGO Resume Lands an Internship

LEGO Resume 2An aspiring advertising intern created a LEGO version of herself in an suit and sent it to prospective employers. Northwestern University student Leah Bowman posted a picture of her creative resume on Imgur.

Images of the LEGO rendition appeared on  11" X 17" posters with  slogans such as, "Build the perfect Account Service intern" and described her skills. Bowman said that the design responded to an agency's call for a persuasive ad.

She wrote on Imgur, "I wanted to stand out to employers, so I made a LEGO set of myself in my interview suit and sent it out to my dream advertising agencies." She also explained her strategy to Mashable

"Looking for a job can be a bit frustrating at times. I've applied for dozens of jobs and had a handful of interviews, but sometimes there's just another candidate that edged you out. I know I'd be a great addition to any team, but I needed a better way to communicate that rather than just sending in a boring resume."

Her strategy worked: she got an internship in account management at Omnicom's Energy BBDO, an advertising firm based in New York City.  

Discussion Starters:

  • Someone on Imgur commented, "And then you found out that employers would rather you just be normal." What's your opinion of this comment? Consider the discussion of creative resumes in Chapter 12 of the textbook.
  • If you were an employer and had received this, how would you perceive the applicant?
  • Assess Bowman's description of her skills on the poster above. How well does she describe her job qualifications? What could she improve?
  • On one poster, Bowman wrote, "Build the perfect Account Service intern." Should she have capitalized the job title?