NSA's New Press Kit

The National Security Agency (NSA) published a shiny, new press kit to try to change its image. Damaged by reports of spying, the NSA's reputation could use some freshening up.

NSA press kit

With self-aggrandizing phrases, such as, "Saving Lives," "Cybersecurity: A Team Sport," "Operating as a Responsible Citizen," and "The Mission that Never Sleeps," the NSA is trying to combat negative perceptions.

The kit also addresses "Myths" about the NSA, such as, "The NSA has agents who can arrest hackers or other cyber bad guys," and "NSA monitors the world's communications systems at all times."

Discussion Starters:

  • Read the entire press kit. What are the NSA's main messages?
  • Assess the text and graphics. How well do they work together? What images are most prevalent in the kit?
  • Which themes or points do you find most and least convincing?