Barra Answers Tough Questions at the Hearing

GM CEO Mary Barra faced a panel of angry senators at the hearing investigating the company's failure to fix faulty ignition switches. Barra began by reading her testimony:

The New York Times describes the scene:

"As family members of victims looked on, senators repeatedly cut off Ms. Barra, scolded her over failing to have answers and zeroed in on G.M.'s potential criminal liability for failing to fix defective ignition switches in millions of small cars for more than a decade."

The Times blog identified a few highlights from the questioning, including this reaction from a victim's father:  

"She's not doing anything except stonewalling and saying she's a mother and has children and is sorry and is communicating with the families."

Discussion Starters:

  • Assess Barra's initial testimony. What works well in convincing the senators, and what could be improved?
  • One of Barra's strategies is to try to distinguish herself from the "old GM." How well is this strategy working?
  • Watch more of the hearings on YouTube or news sites. How well is Barra handling the senators' questions?