Confusing Column Chart

With the title, "Two Charts Which Show That April Was A Horrible Month For American Manufacturing," I would expect to see clear, easy-to-interpret charts. This one is not.

Here are Business Insider's introductory text and the chart:  

"If there is an American manufacturing renaissance, it certainly appears to  have stalled in April.

"From the just-released ADP report, a chart which shows that manufacturing actually lost jobs in the month!"

Chart 2

Granted, this chart is very colorful, and overall, the numbers generally decline since November 12. But how can the chart be improved? Consider the following:

  • Including a message title
  • Adding data labels
  • Choosing a different (or supplemental) chart type
  • Highlighting most relevant data graphically and numerically

The purpose of the chart is to show that manufacturing lost jobs in April. Do we know exactly how many-both as a percentage and raw number? This would seem to be an important part of the argument.