Twitter CEO Gives Commencement Speech at Michigan

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, University of Michigan '85, rejoined to give a funny commencement speech.

Costolo used his share of self-deprecating humor, discussing his "crushing disappointment" after having ambitions of working for Second City TV and Saturday Night Live. Although he did improv for some time (and rubbed elbows with Steve Carell and others), he ended up working at Pier One Imports, as he joked, putting to work his Computer Science degree from the University of Michigan.

Costolo said Twitter was the best example of making "bold bets." The founder acknowledged that he never expected the site to become the success it is today: "You cannot draw any of your paths looking forward."

He also gave the predictable commencement advice: "You have to figure out what you love to do...and go do that." Yep, got it.

Discussion Starters:

  • Evaluate Costolo's speech. What works well in his content, organization, and delivery, and what could be improved?
  • Watch two or three other commencement speeches on YouTube. Which do you like best and why?