Will Graphic Images Encourage People to Quit Smoking?

The U.S. government is using more visuals to help people get healthier. Shortly after revising the food pyramid, federal health officials have selected nine graphic images to appear on cigarette packs. If you're strong, you can see all of the new images here. As we might expect, the major tobacco companies are disputing the images, claiming, among other issues, infringement of their right to free speech. Read the government's news release.

Cigarette pack images

Discussion Starters:

  • Which, if any, of the images might convince someone to quit smoking? Do you find some images more effective than others? Why?
  • Why do you think the government is using pathos (emotional appeals) in this campaign rather than logical arguments, for example, providing data about life expectancy?
  • The Truth campaign has used graphic videos to encourage young people not to start or to quit smoking. How effective do you find this video, for example?