Nike "Get High" T-Shirts Anger Boston Mayor

Mayor of Boston Thomas Menino doesn't like Nike's new T-shirts. He believes that messages such as "Get High" and "Dope" promote drug use. In a letter to the general manager of Niketown Boston, Menino urges the company to remove the T-shirts.


Nike has responded to my tweet about the situation:
Discussion Starters:

  • What is your opinion of Nike's new T-shirts: dangerous or just clever marketing?
  • Analyze the mayor's letter. What principles of persuasion does he use? Do you consider this an effective letter? Why or why not?
  • How do you think Nike should respond to the mayor's letter? What are the consequences of the company removing -- or keeping -- the T-shirts?
  • How do you assess Nike's tweets to BizCom in the News?