Videos for Chapter 8: Bad-News Messages

Opening scene from the movie Up in the Air (download). Useful to demonstrate the challenges of communicating bad news (layoffs).  Beware of obscene language.

Another scene from Up in the Air: Ryan Bingham discusses his philosophy of communicating layoffs (download).

Geico commercial demonstrating a deceptive buffer.

Videos from the "United Breaks Guitars" incident, United Airlines' refusal to pay for a broken guitar and the disgruntled passenger's response: 

News conference about Ebola in NYC, 2014.

Virgin Galactic news conference about the SpaceShip Two crash, 2014.

A French investigator discusses the Germanwings flight crash in a news conference, 2015.

AirAsia CEO apologizes to families of lost flight, 2015.

Blue Bell Creameries CEO announces layoff decision after recall, 2015.

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