Videos for Chapter 1: Understanding Business Communication

Mylan CEO defends 400% drug price hike.

Princess Cruises CEO apologizes for illegal dumping.

Stanford University study about multitasking. Useful to discuss noise and distractions that interfere with communication.

Scene from the movie Up in the Air where Natalie Keener and Ryan Bingham debate using videoconferencing to communicate layoffs: 20:07 – 25:48. (I can send the clip by email; it's too large to post here.)

"Flair" scene (13) from the movie Office Space (download).  Useful to discuss barriers to communication.  Referenced in Exercise 5.

Aggressive customer service at Aggresshop.

Video from the Deloitte Film Festival (example of using social media internally).

Kevin Smith discusses the "too fat to fly" incident on Southwest Airlines (example of using social networking to connect with customers).

Analyst from Southwest Airlines discusses the company's social media strategy.

Brian Williams interview with Matt Lauer about his questionable NBC reporting, 2105.

Sepp Blatter resigns from FIFA after corruption scandal, 2015.

Hillary Clinton discusses the controversy over her personal emails, 2015.

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