Videos for Chapter 2: Intercultural and Team Communication

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's altercation with a driver, 2017.

Pepsi's Commercial starring Kendall Jenner, 2017.

Hockey player Ryan Getzlaf apologizes for muttering a offensive remark, 2017

Toyota recalls: 

President Obama's gaffe about the Special Olympics on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Read more about the situation here.

Scene from the movie Up in the Air about stereotyping.

Simple explanation of a wiki.

Overview and tutorial of the wiki Wiggio (

Seven hotel CEOs talk about the importance of diversity.

Chef and TV personality Paula Deen's apology video. Read more about the situation here.

NBA Don Sterling's interview with Anderson Cooper about racial slurs, 2014.

Jonah Hill's apology for a homophobic slur, 2014.

Ferguson, MO, police chief apologizes to the family of Michael Brown, 2014.

Google video about unconscious bias, 2014.

Rachel Dolezal, president of Spokane, WA, NAACP chapter, talks about her racial identity, 2015.

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