How New Grad Jobs Have Changed

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A Wall Street Journal article warns new graduates that they “will be thrown right into the fray.” According to the article, entry-level jobs used to be lower level, but today they involve more important work, and employers expect more from recent grads.

Technology handles more routine tasks, so even new entrants into the job market may find themselves meeting with clients and making presentations. These jobs more commonly include external components.

The article also blames organizations’ “cost-cutting and flattening,” so training and close supervision are no longer available. New grads have to figure things out on their own.

Fortunately, students feel more prepared today because universities focus more on career preparation. Also, as a new grad, you’ll have more autonomy and can design the job you want. But you have to be self-reliant and have strong communication and influence skills.

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  • What’s your reaction to this article? Does it excite you, scare you, or something else?

  • How does this relate to your internship experiences? What were the expectations, and how well did you achieve them on the job?