Facebook Under Scrutiny


Questions about Facebook's role in user privacy are getting increasingly serious, and shareholders are getting worried. Company shares fell 7% after the news that third-parties used FB users' personal information without permission.

Analysts say we know that Facebook monetizes users' data, but the number of people affected (50 million) and the extent of the violation is dramatic. One concern is how much additional regulation the company will face in the future. Already, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating whether Facebook violated a 2011 settlement in which the company promised to get users' consent before changing certain privacy settings.

We have no comment yet from Mark Zuckerberg or Sheryl Sanberg, and critics say they need to be out in front of this.

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  • A Bloomberg reporter called the company "tone deaf," but others say it's an impossible situation to fully address at this point. What's your view?
  • What, if anything, should company leaders say? What could explain their silence?
  • In what ways is this situation an issue of integrity for the company?