Delta Representative Confronts Customer—on Video

When a Delta flight from Honolulu to Portland, OR, was delayed twice, a customer was re-booked on a Hawaiian Airlines flight, but his luggage didn't make it.


We don't see the context, but the passenger filmed (NSFW) an interaction with Delta staff, and the scene doesn't reflect well on the company. In the video, one of the agents says, "You can take my f-- picture if you want to, a--hole." He then suggests they call the police because "This guy's out of control."

Delta replied to the incident with a statement:

"The actions displayed by this employee do not in any way reflect the standard of customer service and professionalism we expect from our employees. This conduct is unacceptable, and we have reached out directly to the customer and apologized."

The employee was suspended.


  • The employee has little excuse for his behavior, but could some context at least explain the agent's reaction? For example, why would he say, "This guy's out of control?"
  • Did the passenger act appropriately? What is his responsibility for the interaction?
  • Should the airline reinstate or fire the agent?