Coca-Cola Works on Brand Image

TempYou won't hear the word "soda" in this Coca-Cola ad. The company is focusing on corporate advertising and trying to associate the brand with good things, such as employing people throughout the United States.

In the video, the narrator says, "We make much more than our name suggests," for example, tea and juice. The commercial emphasizes water sustainability and helping people go to college.

Clearly, the company is downplaying its connection to soda because of research and negative press. A Harvard nutrition page summarizes research linking sugary drinks to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other health problems. The site encourages people to choose different beverages.


  • How closely is the Coca-Cola name tied to soda? What else could the company do to improve brand image and perception of social responsibility?
  • What's your assessment of the commercial? What are the objectives, and does the ad meet them?
  • To what extent is the commercial an issue of integrity? Is the company consistent and whole?