Microsoft Lays Off up to 4,000 Employees

TempMicrosoft will cut thousands of sales and marketing employees in a company restructuring. Most are outside the U.S.

An internal memo describes Microsoft's new strategy for partners and customers but doesn't mention the layoffs specifically. The memo reminds me of a 2014 Microsoft layoff memo criticized for its jargon. Here's an excerpt from the recent one:

There is an enormous $4.5 trillion market opportunity across our Commercial and Consumer businesses. We are uniquely positioned to drive our customers' and partners' success by leading them through their digital transformations, and becoming their partner of choice. To help us do that, starting today, we begin to implement changes to our Commercial and Consumer models. These changes will position us to best meet the evolving needs of our customers and partners, and empower them to achieve more.

To lead this digital transformation and capture this opportunity, the changes we are announcing have been shaped on the following growth drivers, which will enable us to align the right resources for the right customer at the right time.

Research tells us that receivers prefer to hear bad news up front, although givers prefer to "ease" into it. In Microsoft's 2014 layoff memo and another in 2015, the news comes late. In this one, it doesn't come at all. 

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  • Why do you think the email doesn't mention layoffs? What are some good reasons to avoid the decision here?
  • Read the memo excerpts from Geekwire. How many jargon words do you count?
  • Here's a fun activity: rewrite the memo in English.