LinkedIn's Updated Terms of Service

LinkedIn-Groups-LinkedIn has updated its terms of service, including its privacy policy and user agreement. In an email to users and posted on its website, the company promises a shorter privacy policy that's easier to understand. Highlights follow:

  • Increased visibility of your LinkedIn profile
  • Easier to share accomplishments with your network
  • Productivity bots and similar tools to improve communication
  • Easily meet up with other members
  • Keep learning new skills on Lynda

We see some problems with this bullet list. Besides a lack of clarify of what's new, the items aren't parallel.

In the post, LinkedIn reminds us that the site is part of Microsoft even though these terms are separate.


  • Writing quiz: make the list items parallel. Also explain why this is important-or do you think it's too nitpicky?
  • Read the full post. What else could be improved?