Adidas Apologizes for Congratulatory Message


Adidas may need a better review process. After the Boston Marathon, the company sent a congratulatory email about "surviving" the marathon, not thinking about the terrorist attack four years ago. During that event, two bombs killed three people and left several hundred injured.

The subject line to the marathoners read, "Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!"

Outrage was swift. People immediately saw that Adidas hadn't posted this intentionally but had failed to consider the connection and potential reaction. 

The apology also came quickly and did the job. Admitting that "no thought was given to the insensitive email subject line," the company didn't make excuses or apologize "if we offended anyone"; they said plainly that it was insensitive.


  • Are people too sensitive, or was this a real gaffe?
  • How does a mistake like this happen?
  • What makes this an effective apology?