Trump Team Typos

TyposThe Trump Administration faced criticism this week because of typographical and spelling errors. A Politico article sums up the trouble:

Whether it is a wrong name (for an acting deputy attorney general or the prime minister of the United Kingdom), or a failure to distinguish your principles from your principals, the Trump administration's struggles with proofreading are profuse. The Department of Education misspelled the name of the co-founder of the NAACP. Then it compounded the error by making another error in a follow-up tweet.

Perhaps the most visible-and most recent-has drawn attention to the others:Image result for trump tweet tapp

Politico reminds us of another misspelling on the president's first day in office. He didn't learn the session from a tweet in February 2016 with the same mistake.
Image result for trump tweet honoredImage result for trump tweet honored


  • What's your view of these errors: not a big deal, a chance for the press to pile on Trump, sloppy, irresponsible, or something else?
  • The president clearly values direct, immediate communication. Are typos just an inevitable, sufferable consequence?