Merriam-Webster Tweets

Merriam-Webster_logo.svgBusiness Insider has compiled a bunch of Merriam-Webster tweets about the Trump Administration and its use of language. The video, titled "Merriam-Webster can't stop trolling the Trump administration on Twitter," presents several examples: 

  • Highlighted the word most often looked up in November: fascism
  • Clarified the difference between "historic" and "historical," a word incorrectly used by Secretary of Education Betsy deVos
  • Noted that the Holocaust refers "to the Nazis' mass murder of European Jews" after The White House neglected to mention Jews in the International Holocaust Rememberance Day statement 
  • Defined "betrayal" after Sean Spicer said he wouldn't define the word during a press conference. 


And more. 


  • What's implied in Business Insider's report? Is this a criticism? I'm not sure. 
  • How helpful do you find Merriam-Webster's tweets? Some are clarifying and some are not.