Marriott + Starwood: Completion Announcement to Staff

The deal is finally done: Marriott and Starwood are one company. Starwood associates received this message from Marriott Communications under the subject line, "A Historic Moment: Marriott + Starwood Merger Complete." The message continues, highlighting the combined company's impressive portfolio of brands and properties. Associates are also invited to find out more on a "new integration site" called "The Platform."

Marriott + Starwood

The message comes almost a year after the acquisition was announced and confirms the largest hotel company in the world, with 5,809 properties and more than 1.1 million rooms. Executive Chairman Bill Marriott expressed his enthusiasm for the deal, focusing on people and culture:

"We hope to continue the trend of promoting, developing and working with people. We have the strongest culture, I think, of any lodging company, and of most companies in America. And we'll continue to promote and really strengthen that culture."

Starwood will cease to exist. The HOT symbol will be removed from the New York Stock Exchange.

Discussion Starters:

  • In the message, identify all types of sentences: simple, complex, and compound. How varied are the sentences? 
  • How would you characterize the tone of the message? Do you find it appropriate for the primary audience (Starwood employees?)