Wells Fargo Reaches Settlement Agreement

La-fi-wells-fargo-settlement-20160907-snapWells Fargo is taking action after the discovery that bank employees opened millions of fake checking and credit card accounts. Employees opened accounts in unsuspecting customers' names so they could earn credit for the sale. The bank benefited from fees people paid on accounts they never used.

In addition to paying a $100 million settlement fee to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the bank has fired 5,300 employees over the past few years.

The company issued two major communications related to the situation: 

In addition, Jim Cramer interviewed CEO John Stumpf on Mad Money:


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Discussion Starters:

  • Compare the two Wells Fargo statements. How well does the company tailor these messages to primary and secondary audiences?
  • How can customers miss paying fees? What is their responsibility, and what is the company's? Consider visual displays of bank statements in your response.
  • How well does Stumpf respond to Jim Cramer's questions? Which are his strongest and weakest arguments?