More Jargon to Banish

Annoying PhrasesOnce a year or so, I write about business clichés and jargon. This infographic, generated by GoToMeeting is a good summary of perhaps the worst examples heard in companies recently.

Here are some of my favorites (to avoid, that is):

  • Content is king (Who's the queen?)
  • Game change, par for the course, and other sports references I don't understand
  • With all due respect, which usually indicates no respect at all
  • Do more with less, a.k.a. work harder for less pay
  • Open the kimono, which has both sexual and racial overtones.

Image source.

Discussion Starters:

  • What's the value of business jargon? It's not all bad.
  • Compare these 50 to those in Chapter 5 of the textbook. Which are most and least familiar to you?
  • Do you find any of the terms offensive?