Chipotle's New Film Short

Chipotle needs to win back customers, so it went back to its film-making roots and created a new short video: "A Love Story." 

Kids with competing lemonade and orange juice stands grow each and lose sight of natural ingredients. Set to the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way," film is a direct hit to fast-food restaurants like Burger King. The last line is "I never want to hear you say, 'I want it that way.'‚ÄČ" The couple, of course, return to fresh fruits and vegetables and live happily ever after.

The end of the video announces Chipotle's rewards program. Like the free burrito, this is a another attempt to rebuild loyalty.

Mark Shambura, Chipotle's brand marketing director, explained the goal: "We think 'Love Story's' message will galvanize our loyalists and remind people of the Chipotle they love." Shambura is not to be confused with Mark Crumpacker, the company's former chief creative and development executive who, before being placed on leave because of a drug arrest, led the company's rebranding efforts.

Discussion Starters:

  • One analyst warns that Chipotle shouldn't ignore the core issue of how the company is overcoming the crisis of food safety. How well do you see Chipotle explaining new procedures, etc. to consumers?
  • Chipotle's video short, The Scarecrow, with more than 16 million views on YouTube, has been criticized. Some say Chipotle didn't live up to its claims even before the E. coli outbreaks; for example, what does "naturally raised" mean? What criticism could you foresee with the "A Love Story" short?