Phrases to Avoid on Your Resume

Business Insider has identified nine phrases that "make hiring managers cringe." Some recommendations are based on data by ZipRecruiter, but much of them are the writers' opinions. Still, I agree with most of them, except "Microsoft Word." For students, this could be a differentiator, and I would include it for entry-level jobs. 

9 phrases

It makes sense to avoid pronouns and general traits that can't be verified. "Team player" is my personal pet peeve; who would say "I'm not a good team player. I don't like people"? 

In addition to the video, Business Insider offers more phrases to avoid, including "extracurricular activities" with the explanation, "Unless these activities are in some way related to the job you're applying for, no one really cares what you do in your spare time when they're skimming your résumé."

I'm not sure I agree. It depends what the activity says about you as a person, which some employers may care to know. You can also make a personal connection this way, and it could be a good icebreaker during an interview. Particularly for students, I'd keep it in. 

Similarly, employers seem to like seeing applicants' volunteer work, for which LinkedIn added a section in 2011. 

Discussion Starters: 
  • We don't see any context for this advice. Would it differ depending on the industry, region, job, or level? 
  • How many of these phrases do you include on your resume? Will you omit them in the future? 
  • What other phrases could employers find annoying?