J.P. Morgan Eases Its Dress Code

JP Morgan dressJ.P. Morgan is following other companies and easing its dress policy. As the biggest asset holder, the bank may lead a trend among financial services firms. Wall Street banks are known for their pinstripe suits and ties, but CEO Jamie Dimon is often seen dressing down. 

An email to staff explained the new policy, which allows khaki pants and polo shirts but not halter tops, and encourages dressing up for client meetings. The company already had a weekend dress policy in place. 

Barclays implemented a similar policy last year but had to clarify: no flip flops. And J.P. Morgan warned with this change that it's not the same as weekend casual, which could mean jeans and more causal wear.

A man I know complained about his not-for-profit organization's policy that disallowed shorts but allowed skirts for women. The organization changed its policy and now allows some shorts. 

Image source (from WSJ video).

Discussion Starters: 

  • Why did this take so long? Many of the banks' clients are tech employees in jeans and shorts.
  • What's your view of dress policies that disallow shorts but allow skirts?