Geek Squad's Confusing Email

BestBuy privacyGeek Squad's email, with the subject line, "IMPORTANT NOTICE: We've updated our Privacy Policy," is a confusing mess. After reading the email, I have no idea what the changes are and why they're important to me. 

The main points of the email seem to be that the website is going to be combined with Best Buy's, and Geek Squad customers will now follow Best Buy's privacy policy. As usual, the email focuses on what's important to the company instead of what's important to customers. 

The tone is "excited" with references to simpler, streamlined, easier experiences for customers, but it's not clear what those are-or how they're different from Geek Squad's current process.

Of course, we're referred to Best Buy's privacy policy, also a fun read. At least the top part of the page summarizes the most important information, and the full legal policy is below, with this note: 

We want you to read the whole policy. This highlights section provides a summary of Best Buy's privacy practices, and is not the whole policy. The highlights and full privacy policy apply to Best Buy retail stores, our Web site at, our mobile app, and other locations where we may collect personal information.

The company should probably update this blurb to include Geek Squad.

Discussion Starters: 

  • What do customers most need to know? 
  • How could Geek Squad have approach this differently?