FIFA Official Cites The Onion

One of the executives charged in the FIFA corruption case is defending himself with an article from The Onion, a satirical newspaper.

In a video claiming his innocence, Jack Warner, a former vice president of the soccer organization, points to the article, "FIFA Frantically Announces 2015 Summer World Cup In United States. Global Soccer Tournament To Kick Off In America Later This Afternoon."

NPR posted the full video, which was edited for Warner's website, as the author says, "presumably after much online hilarity." 

Discussion Starters: 

  • In Chapter 9 of the book, we talk about the difficulty of distinguishing credible information on the web. I guess this applies to printed papers too? Should Warner have known better? What indicates that The Onion is a satirical paper?
  • Watch Warner's video. Do you find his argument credible otherwise? What parts are most and least convincing?