Barbie Won't Associate with SeaWorld

SeaWorld BarbieBarbie, whose bones are attached with only moral fiber, has finally ended her agreement with SeaWorld. She will no longer be a SeaWorld trainer.

Mattel doesn't say why, but we can speculate that negative press about the theme park's treatment of orca whales, exposed by the movie Blackfish, is part of the reason.

Alex Clark, a Mattel spokesperson told NBC, "We're not making the doll anymore. Consumers may find it on retail shelves but we are not shipping and not producing the doll." About the decision, Clark said only, "A number of factors go into a decision like that. Their licensing deal expired and we've elected not to renew it."

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Discussion Starters:

  • Is discontinuing SeaWorld Trainer Barbie the right decision for Mattel even if the doll has been profitable? 
  • Should Mattel say more about the reason? What factors would management consider in communicating the decision?