Brian Williams May Get a Big Payout

2012-11-14-NBC-WilliamsBrian Williams isn't going away quietly. Although the internal investigation may go for another five months, an LA Times article says, "the future looks bleak" for the NBC news anchor.

Williams is fighting for his job (or a payout) after his reporting came into question earlier this year. At this point, a return is unlikely. The LA Times article quotes a NBC staffer: "If there was [a path back], don't you think we'd be hearing about it by now?"

But if Williams doesn't resign on his own accord, which also seems unlikely, the network will have to pay between $20 and $30 in severance, based on the terms of Williams' contract. 

So far, the investigation has uncovered ten "embellishments."

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Discussion Starters: 

  • Should Williams resign and forfeit the severance pay? 
  • What, if anything, should NBC communicate at this point?