Sugarloaf Ski Lift Accident

Seven people were injured on a ski lift at Sugarloaf in Maine. The company has been providing updates on its website

Sugarloaf Media Room

The third update revises the number of injured to seven, explains what a "rollback" is (when the chair lift goes backwards), describes the mechanics of the lift, and of course, expresses primary concern for the guests, 204 of whom were evacuated: 

"Our first concern is with the guests who were injured and all of those who were impacted by the incident at the resort today," Sugarloaf spokesman Ethan Austin said. "Our staff is working with the Tramway Board on a thorough investigation, and we are committed to understanding the full cause of today's incident."  

On Twitter, the company posted only the tweet: 

Sugarloaf tweet
Discussion Starters: 

  • Read Sugarloaf's original media release and latest update. I find the tone a bit "boilerplate" and flat. Do you agree? 
  • What else, if anything, should Sugarloaf post on social media sites?