PowerPoint Karaoke

PPT kA Wall Street Journal article described several PowerPoint shows that challenge performers to incorporate PPT images into an impromptu presentation. Called "PowerPoint karaoke" or "battle decks," the fun happens at Twitter, Wal-Mart stores, Abode, Zynga, and other companies.

At Adobe, an employee is given a topic, such as whales, 30 seconds before she gets up to speak for nine minutes. While speaking, she and the audience see random photos, such as bare-chested men, which she tries to incorporate into the presentation. 

Sammy Wegent started a company called "Speechless" to host similar PowerPoint events. Employees from Google, Adobe, and Airbnb have competed. The improv events provide levity to office workers who often have a love-hate relationship with the software.

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Discussion Starters: 

  • In some respects, these presentations having nothing to do with PowerPoint. Do you see my perspective? 
  • These events are just for fun, but what skills could employees build by participating? 
  • Can you imagine yourself participating in one of these events? What would be easy for you, and what would be challenging?