Cute Infographic, But What's the Point?

Here's an attractive infographic, but viewers may struggle with the point. (Click for a larger image.)


How can you improve the infographic?

  • Who do you think is the audience?
  • What is the purpose? Specifically what would the designer like the reader to do?
  • What "message title" would make the main point up front more clear?
  • How is the graphic organized? What sequencing of data could be more logical?
  • How could the font style be improved for easier reading?
  • What text for each component would more clearly convey each point?
  • How else could you improve the text?
  • What design changes would you make, for example, to the colors, images, and background graphics?

Discussion Starters:

  • This infographic was produced by Allstate insurance, and it is, after all, an information graphic. What are the consequences of making the main point clearer? In other words, why might Allstate choose this approach?
  • What one data point in the infographic is the most convincing?
  • If you're renting now, does this persuade you to get renters' insurance?