ABC's Video for Facebook Likes

ABC celebrates 1 million Facebook likes with a video. 

Deadline put the video in context:

"The Facebook milestone is fun news for the ABC newscast, in contrast to the nicking it suffered last week in the press when it dropped mention of that day's landmark ruling  from the Supreme Court striking down cumulative caps on individual political donations in order to make room for breaking news about that day's shootings at Fort Hood, while hanging on to reports about why zebras have stripes, Kraft's Philadelphia Cream Cheese formula change,  and the stray dog adopted by the Milwaukee Brewers."

It's funny that this excerpt mentions Kraft. The other Facebook-like video I remember is for Kraft Mac 'n Cheese-much more fun than ABC's.

Discussion Starters:

  • Compare ABC's video to Kraft's. What are the purpose and audience for each?
  • Does ABC have to include the Nationwide Insurance ad before we watch its promotional ad?