"Your Neighbor . . . Is a Parasite" Flyer

Kevin Rose's neighbors have posted flyers identifying him as a "parasite." The founder of Digg and a Google Ventures partner was outed as one who is "destroying San Francisco" by directing funds for start-up companies.

   Rose Flyer

In a tweet, Rose did concede some points: 

Rose Tweet

The protest is a continuation of those angry at the so-called "Google Bus," which shuttles people to work at technology companies. Activists claimed, "This is the opposite of school busing. We're busing wealthy, predominantly white adults into low-income neighborhoods, where they in turns displace low-income people. This is the reverse of affirmative action."

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Discussion Starters:

  • To what extent do you empathize with the protestors? What are their points? 
  • What's your assessment of this group's approach of posting flyers? When I first saw the headline, I thought Rose was a pedophile.