's Obvious Sales Letter

Do people fall for the free "consultation" companies offer? sent an email to me with the subject, "Account Notice: Schedule Your Consultation."

With a thinly veiled sales strategy, the email promised a "Complimentary Business Consultation and Evaluation" in a graphical invitation:


The body of the message futher explained the "offer":

Dear Amy,

You've been selected for a free 30-Minute Business Consultation with one of our Web Experts. This consultation is your chance to get tips and recommendations on how to improve any aspect of your businesses' online presence from one of our top Web Consultants.

Your Consultant will work with you to ensure your business is optimized for success utilizing their extensive experience and knowledge in website development, search engine marketing, social media, mobile advertising and more.

Call 844-282-2290 for your complimentary consultation.

When you click on the invitation within the email, you get a page on that explains Register's services beyond hosting: customizing a website, improving search engine optimization, and increasing "Facebook presence."

Discussion Starters:

  • What makes's message so obviously a sales tactic?
  • What types of people would respond to Register's "offer"? What do you think they expect when they do respond?
  • Am I over-reacting? So what if it's a sales tactic? Maybe it's obvious to people, and the services are useful.