Guns & Ammo Editor Resigns Over Controversial Article

Guns_Ammo_December_2013_CoverGuns & Ammo editor Jim Bequette is stepping down after publishing an editorial, "All Constitutional Rights Need Regulation, Even 2nd Amendment." As a firearms magazine, Guns & Ammo doesn't typically include articles about regulation. 

Bequette's apology was posted to the website:

"As editor of Guns & Ammo, I owe each and every reader a personal apology.

"No excuses, no backtracking.

"Dick Metcalf's 'Backstop' column in the December issue has aroused unprecedented controversy. Readers are hopping mad about it, and some are questioning Guns & Ammo's commitment to the Second Amendment. I understand why."


Continue reading the apology.

Discussion Starters:
  • Read the entire apology. What persuasion principles does Bequette use in the piece?
  • Assess Bequette's decisions: why would he run the piece and later apologize for it?