Cornell Lacrosse Team Suspended

Cornell LacrosseFrom right here in cloudy Ithaca, the Cornell Lacrosse Team has made national news. As the team faces hazing allegations-coerced consumption of alcohol by underage freshman-Andrew Noel, Cornell's director of athletics, is front and center.

Noel responded in an interview with The Ithaca Journal:

"I would say that it's disappointing and unacceptable behavior that has to stop immediately. And having met with the lacrosse players last Sunday morning, we discussed the situation for quite a while, and I was heartened by their attitude and by the fact that I believe they understood what they put in jeopardy, for themselves as individuals, for the team, and for the (athletic) department and university."

Noel also gave this official statement:

"On Sept. 13, the Cornell men's lacrosse team was placed on temporary suspension pending appropriate sanctions for a team hazing incident. Following investigation into the incident, Coach (Ben) DeLuca and his team were notified that all fall competitions are canceled."

However, Ben DeLuca has been asked for comment from USA Today and other sources, but he has been unavailable. According to The Ithaca Journal,

"Noel said he has talked with the fourth-year coach and that they are 'both on the same page' as far as the penalty is concerned.'A lot of discussion was not necessary,' Noel said. 'He understands, like I do, that we can't have this. He doesn't want it to happen, and I don't want it to happen. Neither of us are going to allow it to happen without serious repercussions, which have happened. It was a pretty stern penalty here, which is pretty tough on the athletes and on the coaching staff. We are together in how we feel about it.'"

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Discussion Starters:

  • Assess Noel's response. What are his objections, and how well did he meet them?
  • What do you make of DeLuca's absence of comment?