"Flordia" Road Sign

Never hire someone from Arizona to create traffic signs for Florida. That's what the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is saying in response to a sign that misspells Florida-twice. For extra embarrassment to the FDOT, the sign points to the University of Florida. 

Flordia typo 3

Local news organization WOKV.com reported the story with the appropriate level of criticism. But WOKV is not flawless either. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"After posting the picture on WOKV.com and Facebook, WOKV News contacted the Florida Dept. or Transportation for comment and their spokesperson, Mike Goldman, says the FDOT had already realized the mistake when the sign was delivered and had left them by the side of the road while they awaited a replacement."

Can you find the two errors (one typo and one punctuation mark)? 

Image source

Assignment Ideas: 

  • Spend the next couple of days looking closely at signs around town. Take photos of signs with typos or misused punctuation. 
  • Try to get one of the signs fixed. Identify the owner and talk to him or her in person or try to get an email address. Report your progress to the rest of the class.