Fake Menu for Guy Fieri's Restaurant

Note to business owners: register all web domains similar to your company's name. Guy Fieri didn't, and a prankster created a fake menu on guysamericankitchenandbar.com. Fieri's restaurant is at the URL GuysAmerican.com, and the fake menu is a good visual imitation of the real one.

Guy Fieri menu2

 Bryan Mytko had some fun with the idea and bragged about it on Twitter:

Guy Fieri menu

This is the second time Fieri is doing damage control in the past few months. The fake menu follows a scathing New York Times review of Fieri's restaurant.

Discussion Starters:

  • What other domains should Guy Fieri have registered? At Easy Who Is, check a few more similar names to see who owns them. 
  • Should Guy Fieri try to get the domain back? If the owner wants him to pay, what do you think would be an appropriate price?