Go Daddy Responds to Outage

What brought down Go Daddy's websites? Although a hacker claimed responsibility, the domain registrar and web hosting company says it was an internal issue.

The outage lasted from 10 a.m. until about 4 p.m., affecting an unknown number of websites hosted by Go Daddy. On Twitter,@AnonymousOwn3r, a member of the Anonymous hackivist group, took responsibility:

Anonymous and Go Daddy 1
 However, Go Daddy's CEO told a different story:

Go Daddy Response
Still, the Anonymous member maintained responsibility:

Anonymous and Go Daddy

Discussion Starters:

  • While we waited to hear Go Daddy's response, small business owners blamed the hacker. Why would Go Daddy take responsibility rather than let customers think it was an external issue?
  • The CEO's response is rather technical. Do you think this is appropriate for the audience and situation? Why or why not?
  • Rewrite the CEO's message for the average business owner who has a website hosted by the company. How can you reduce the technical jargon?