Reebok Pays $25 Million Because of Deceptive Ads


As it turns out, you can't get toned just by wearing a pair of shoes. Reebok is paying big refunds because claims about their RunTone and EasyTone shoes cannot be substantiated. The company marketed these products on claims such as "You can work your hamstrings and calves up to 11% harder." Lacking evidence to prove these results, Reebok was fined $25 million by the Federal Trade Commission. Customers may apply for a refund via the FTC website.

Although Reebok agreed to the settlement, the company stands by its products and will continue selling the shoes. In a statement, Reebok affirms, 

"We have received overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback from thousands of EasyTone customers, and we remain committed to the continued development of our EasyTone line of products."


Discussion Starters:

  • How did Reebok fall short in its claims? What questions would you have after hearing the data about the shoes?
  • Do you consider Reebok's advertising to be deceptive? Why or why or not?